Laika's Dérive Best In Show Event photo

Laika’s Dérive

Laika’s Dérive is a new media locative data-mapping work about interspecies communication, collaboration and knowledge. Community participants and their dogs use an electronic mapping system (custom iPhone app-GPS, accelerometer, interval timed and geotagged photography) within their local area. The data collected is incorporated into the online mapping and visualisation system (website) together with the participant narrative and profiles. This work engages cross-species sensing to explore a psychogeography of place.

A sketch for this project was produced during the Kiss Club incubator residency at the Performance Space, Carriageworks, Sydney, Australia.

A version of this project was exhibited in Sydney, Australia in 2011. Laika’s Dérive Sydney was part of the Performance Space’s WALK project. WALK was a season of walks, promenades, marches and strolls in and around Sydney and beyond.

The android mobile phone application and harness system was developed during a residency at Blast Theory, UK, June- July 2011.

Laika’s Dérive London was exhibited at Furtherfield, London, UK.

Photo: Laika’s Dérive Best in Show BBQ event documentation 2011.
Alex Wisser, 2011. CC-BY 4.0