Hothouse – Public Exhibition and Participation, Kandos

Hothouse was exhibited at the Cementa 17 event in Kandos, NSW, Australia. The audience consisted of art enthusiasts and local farmers and miners from the region. This meant that a broad range of responses and interpretations of the work. Local agricultural farmers were interested in the systems used to support the orchid, and pointed out the issues with the long-term viability of the work to support the young clone orchid (keiki). As an ‘art’ experience the work was well received in terms of the aesthetic presentation. The data component and broader concerns signaled by the LED sign and orchid print helped with the translation of my original concerns.

The final installation consisted of the acrylic sheet house structure, a LED scrolling sign with all Rothschild associated banks listed (as listed on conspiracy theory websites), and a print of a botanical watercolour of Paphiopedilum rothschildianum.

Hothouse is also documented here:

Top photo: Hothouse installation views. Sarah Waterson,  2017. CC-BY 4.0