Hothouse Technical Development

Technical research and development for this work was broken into 4 main areas:

  1. Data acquisition and wrangling from Mt Kinabalu
  2. Sensor and board design for the weather making
  3. Orchid growing requirements and acquisition
  4. House structure design and LED sign programming

The following table identifies the key hardware and software elements for this work:

Key hardware and software elements for Hothouse.
Sample weather data from AccuWeather, 2017

Hothouse circuit board and Arduino design:

Arduino wiring diagram for Hothouse. Based on OpenTempescope
Hothouse breadboard design v.1. Based on OpenTempescope
Hothouse interior showing working Arduino board, Paphiopedilum rothschildeanum seedling, water and misting/cloud device.

Orchid growing requirements and acquisition:

Orchid tissue culture laboratory, Taiwan.
Paphiopedilum clone flasks