Sniff visualisations from XYZ data

During this phase, software for visualisation and sonification of the sniff data was developed using Max/MSP. XYZ accelerometer data was read from log box data, then using jitter a line was continuously drawn in 3D. Photographs were selected from a folder based on the time and longitude /latitude stamp data to display on a plane below the line visualisation.

Exhibition: The sniff visualisation was exhibited as part of Animals, People – A Shared Environment: 4th Biennial Australian Studies Group Conference, POP Gallery, 2011, Griffith University, South bank Campus, Brisbane.


Laika logging data

Raw CSV from LogBox upload

Centennial Park heat map from CSV data

Overview of data pathways (system)

LogBox screenshot

Early mapping with Omni and Google Maps

Max patch 1

Max patch 1 – co-ordinate parsing from CSV file

Max patch 1- Jitter

Screen still from sniff visualisation